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This page is intended for healthcare professionals.


For healthcare 


Imagine if procedures
could be fun

for your patients


What is Smileyscope?

What is the
clinical evidence?


Smileyscope is a medical grade virtual reality solution for needle procedures for use by healthcare practitioners. It comes as an integrated, ready to go hardware and software solution.

Smileyscope virtual reality is suitable for
all ages from 4 years and upwards.

Smileyscope is compatible with all healthcare wipes.

How does
it work?

Take a deep breath with Smileyscope

Keep patients relaxed before procedures with meditative guided deep breathing 

Helping patients drift off to a calmer place

Plant Life Navy@2x.png

Relax with Smileyscope

Smileyscope also comes with a range of relaxing experiences incorporating evidence-based music therapy from the Hush Foundation

Swim with the sealions


Zen out on a beach


Relax by the lake


How do I use Smileyscope?

Watch our 5 minute video to learn how easy it is to use Smileyscope.

Infection control

Learn how Smileyscope is designed for use in healthcare settings.

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How to select a VR
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